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SuggestionBot Sez...

More to come.

SuggestionBot sez...

"Salutations." also: "Arborday." also, he recomends stuff. Such as the following:

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Ever surf the web and wonder, "what SHOULD I be looking at?"

Digg (Get your news and rumors here)

Shoutwire (Get your rumors and news here)

Think Progress (Great left wing site)

Perry Bible Fellowship (best online comic ever)

Urban Myth Photo Gallery

Origins of words and names

The Erowid Experience Vaults (Ever wonder what heroin + acid + ether is like?)

Lucid Dreaming FAQ

Life After the Oil Crash (will scare the bejesus outta you)

Worst Album Covers of all Time

Realm of Atland (entertaining running comic)

Colbert's Bush Lambasting (transcript)

Hat Robot (Flash animation)

Red Hot Pawn online chess (fun and addicting. Challange me, I'm "thinayr")

History of Isreal/Palistine (rather important, considering...)

Dan Lyons' Blog (the bearded doomsayer of the CSU campus' 30-posts-a-day blog)

The Power and Interests Report

Ad Busters

The Birth of Iraq

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Here are my top 3 book recomendations, rather than rattling off a long list of books I love, here is the list of the books and/or authors you MUST read. So sayith SuggestionBot. I'll work on a longer list, including fiction, later.

The Seven Mysterise of Life Guy Murchie (The most ambitious and spirited book ever written)

The Power of Myth + Myths to Live By + The Masks of God Joseph Campbell (Saint Joseph.)

Into the Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics, and Life Schneider and Sagan (Mind blowing. These guys get it.)

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In progress. In the meantime, go watch Huckabees.

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In progress. In the meantime, go listen to Pearl Jam.

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In progress, although Diet Wildberry Fudge and Corn Pepsi is just huge right now.

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