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Here, have some stuff, courtesy of the man openly weeping in the bear suit. [More to come.]

music by nayr

For your listening enjoyment, here is my first "album". This "album" was composed entirely in Apple Soundtrack Pro from a mix of original and prerecorded loops , along with original guitar work in some places. I hope to continue mixing, but need to acquire a new copy of SoundTrack because my old copy "grew legs". Enjoy!

Attempted Music Vol. 1

1. morning contrails 2. abbiedoobie 3. Ensemble 1

4. StaticBrainf**k 5. Piano Mayhem 6. SarodSarod

download all


photo albums

Pearl Jam in Denver 2006 Photos ( click here )

Camping (4/6/7) (click here)



All desktops are from original images and are at 1440 x 1080 resolution. These desktops may not be used for any purpose other than covering your desktop. To download: right click the link and select "save as" or "download linked file" etc.

Evening Chimney
Sand Ripples [Arches NP]
Ken Caryl Valley
Desert Tree [Capitol Reef NP]
BluBeach [S. NZ]
Fall [S. NZ]
GreenHill [CO]
LegoTree 2
Rakaia River [S. NZ]
Shorline [S. NZ]
Spectrum [N. NZ]
Tip of the World [S.S.S. NZ]  

More coming soon!

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