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Why this site exists:

I have been meaning to do something like this for years and years and years. Now, I am finally creating a website which is my own personal dumping ground for the things I have created, and all the things I hope to create in the future.

In actuality, this site is intended to be my "new audience," whether anyone really sees it or not. Having been surrounded by friends all my life, I have always had people to display my work to, which, upon reflection, is a larger part of the creative process than I had ever thought. Lately, as I have grown older and have had friends slowly drift away, I find myself without an audience, and thus, with far less motivation to draw. So, this site is now my audience. Simply because it is satisfying to see my work on the web. A selfish pleasure in the stead of actual exposure... and hopefully that will spark that drive to create once again.

What to expect, now and later:

Lots of esoteric stuff. Drawings, sketches, photos and journal entries. All the things I love looking back at. Naturally, I have started with my favorite images, but I have only scraped the surface of all I hope to display on this site. Of course my Len comic is here, and some of the sketches which lead to it's development, but I would love to eventually go through all my college notebooks from the last 5 years and scan out my favorite doodles... those notebooks are where nearly all of my best ideas were born and raised.

Also, I would love to get some of my old CIN stuff off of those little miniDV tapes and onto my hard disc... after which I hope to post a whole section dedicated to those classic vids.

Additionally, I will probably try to develop this site into a professional portfolio of sorts, which means I will likely have to go back through and reword all this casual blabbing...

Lastly, with all that is going on in the human sphere these days, maybe a blog or two will make it onto this site...

About Me :

If you're reading this, you probably already know me. My name is Johndace McWrinkhaven and I work out of the basement of my wonderful neighbor, "Sweet-Nana" McCrudden as a ghost keeper-awayer, a job which has led to perpetual non-sleepatude for the better part of the last decade. "Sweet-Nana" has asked me to leave many, many times, but I care about her too much to let the alleged, double-action ghosts disturb her while she does laundry in the basement.

About You :

You are no doubt confused. Unless you're lucas, then you're worse off than me.



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