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Welcome to the thinayr video portfolio. This section is still under development, but in its present state should be adequate in portraying the level of skill and quality which is inherent to every thinayr video project.

For each of these examples, every aspect of the principal photography and post production processes were conducted solely by thinayr, including production of all music, titles, 2D/3D effects and associated sound design.


Please note: much of this material may be subject to copyrights held by the respective clients, and may not be downloaded or otherwise used off of this site. Their display here serves only as a portfolio of examples of thinayr's past projects.

Hayward Baker


Aug 2006- March 2007 Hayward Baker Engineering-Convention Video

This ten-minute video kicked-off the 2007 Hayward Baker Engineering Convention, meeting with great fanfare. Filmed and edited over the course of several months in a dozen major US cities, this video encompassed a diverse cross-section of Hayward Baker's vast spectrum of geographic locations and geo-technical techniques while following the course of a mysterious package traveling from coast to coast in an edgy, Soprano-esque satire. Over twenty hours of digital footage was edited and composite with custom motion-graphics, special effects and animated 3D images. The finished video was authored to DVD, and the DVD dressed in full-color graphics on both disc and DVD case. This video was only for internal display at the 2007 Convention, and was not used for marketing.

(Video no longer viewable at client's request)

Expeditions in Geology

September 2004-March 2006 Freeman Publishing's Expeditions in Geology Video Series (For inclusion in the 7th Ed. of "Understanding Earth")

During my undergraduate work at Colorado State University I devoted intense effort and commitment to a project conceived of by friend and professor, Dr. Jerry Magloughlin. Acting as the creative and technical expert, I helped develop and sell the concept of producing geology-relevant high-definition video content for inclusion in a major geology textbook release. After producing a highly stylized, richly informative demo video, we were able to secure a contract with a major publisher. Over the next year I worked to create a one-man, mobile HD video crew, filming and editing in locations across the Western US in remote areas of geological interest. In the winter of 2005-2006, I spent over a month filming in New Zealand from the land, sea and air, filming volcanos, geysers and glaciers, acquiring over twenty hours of high-definition footage. The experience was rewarding, and taught me a great deal about technology, film-making and people.

(note: I have subsequently relinquished my personal investments in the project to Dr. Magloughlin.

Dr. Magloughlin's website can be found at http://www.jfmgeosciences.com/ )

Expeditions Demo-DVD Intro Sequence

(Filmed at sunrise in Arches National Park)

Active Fault in the Rockies: Wasatch Fault


Dome in the Dessert: Upheaval Dome

White Island

(North Island, New Zealand)

Original Demo Video

(Devil's Tower, Wyoming)

Pre-Professional/Student Films

1999-2001, Chatfield Senior High "The good 'ol days!"

During my time as a highschool student, I was wholly convinced that my future lay on the silver screen. However, my mentality and interests changed dramatically upon entering college at Colorado State University, even after being greeted with enormous enthusiasim, respect and confusion (as to why I wasn't in California already) by CSU's technical journalism/campus television departments.

For personal-interest reasons I did an about-face and pursued scientific interests, wanting nothing to do with the hollow, utterly stagnant mass-media prevalent in our culture today. Rather than emersing myself in such a life, I pursued my undergraduate degree in Geology- spending most of my time outdoors in The Rockies.

Nonetheless! here are some of my favorite short bits from my highschool days. They are not necessarily professional, I was 17-18 when I made these, so take them for what their worth!

"We're Back."

A fast-paced montage of clips from other short films.

"Fight Club Tribute."

A tribute to the spectacularly creative film by David Fincher


A silly "commercial" advertising an awful product.

"Jedi Spotlight"

Five years before "the star wars kid" issued in a deluge of fan-vids sporting rotoscoped lightsabres, I produced my own light sabers by trial and error in adobe after effects. I'm still proud of this fact.

"The Matrix Spoof."

What started as an attempt to re-produce matrix-style text scrolling quickly became an unapologetic rip-off! A nice 3D intro rounds it all out.

(the rest of the "series" can be viewed on my personal website)

If you'd like to see more non-professional high-school videos of mine, please click the link below!

pre-professional / comedic videos

(note, the best are in the last section of the page!)