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What type of services can I provide for you? Well... what do you need?

I tend to market myself as a creative -swissarmy knife. I have experience in many, many disciplines, and even if I have little experience in a particular field, say, fingerpainting with canadian geese, I can quickly educate myself and tackle any projects in said field. Additionally, I have a robust network of creative associates with whom I regularly exchange creative expertise. Whatever your project, we've got you covered.

Here is a tentative list of services I can provide. (Check out the portfolio section for examples!)

Graphic Design
   .: Drawing/Illustration
   .: Layouts
   .: Image Manipulation
   .: Technical Drawings
   .: 3D Modeling
   .: Packaging Design
   .: Jewelry Design
Digital Video
   .: Filming
   .: Post Production
   .: Special Effects
   .: Event Documentation
   .: Sound Design
Web Design
   .: Websites
   .: Web Graphics
   .: Hosting
   .: Consulting
Printed Media
   .: Brochures
   .: Flyers
   .: Marketing materials
   .: Cards
   .: Stickers etc.
Technology Assistance
   .: Consulting
   .: Tech Support

   .: Event Documentation 
   .: Product Images 
   .: Portraits 
   .: Artistic etc. 
Digital Audio 
   .: Sound Design/Music
Business Related
   .: Identity/logos
   .: Biz cards etc.
   .: Advertising
   .: Presentations
   .: etc. etc. etc.