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This page showcases only my most recent projects. To see a more comprehensive portrait of my work, please visit the portfolio section.

2007 XJet Design

Thinayr.com is currently responsible for all aspects of visually marketing XJet's cutting edge brand.

(There will soon be a section dedicated to designs produced for XJet...)

2007 XJet Webmaster/Developer

XJet is a revolutionary concept providing private aircraft owners with an unparalleled, first-class travel experience. As XJet's web support thinayr.com is responsible for all aspects of XJet's cutting-edge web site, and has been working closely with the XJet team to update and improve their online marketing efforts.

Click to visit www.XJetWorld.com

July 2007 Damn Yankee Bicycle Service Co. Website

The Damn Yankee is an easy going bicycle service shop in Old Town, Fort Collins. Their web marketing efforts left much to be desired, as their website was a homegrown hodgepodge of information. Thinayr.com worked with the Damn Yankee crew to develop a new site that was both informative and fun, while maintaining the easy-going feel that makes their shop so unique.

Click to visit www.YankeeBikes.com

2007 Denver Grouting Marketing Support

Denver Grouting, a division of Hayward Baker, is a geotechnical contractor specializing in sub-surface stabilization.

Thinayr is actively providing cutting edge print, 3D, animation and video materials to suppliment Denver Grouting's marketing efforts.


April 2007 Hayward Baker Marketing Design

Hayward Baker is the largest geo-technical contractor in North America, with offices coast to coast.

Thinayr.com is continually assisting Hayward Baker's marketing efforts with cutting edge animation, 3D rendering and video productions.

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Nov 2006-Jan 2007 Kayla's Engagement Ring

Designing jewelry has been a recent pursuit of mine. I was offered a job as head designer at a jeweler store in downtown Fort Collins where I worked to develop a number of avant-garde designs. This project, however, was of much greater importance to me... an engagement ring for my fiance Kayla...

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Aug 2006- March 2007 Hayward Baker Engineering-Convention Video

This ten-minute video kicked-off the 2007 Hayward Baker Engineering Convention, meeting with great fanfare. Filmed and edited over the course of several months in a dozen major US cities, this video encompassed a diverse cross-section of Hayward Baker's vast spectrum of geographic locations and geo-technical techniques while following the course of a mysterious package traveling from coast to coast in an edgy, Soprano-esque satire. Over twenty hours of digital footage was edited and composite with custom motion-graphics, special effects and animated 3D images. The finished video was authored to DVD, and the DVD dressed in full-color graphics on both disc and DVD case. This video was only for internal display at the 2007 Convention, and was not used for marketing.

(For legal reasons, the video can no longer be displayed on this page.)

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September 2004-March 2006 Freeman Publishing's Expeditions in Geology Video Series (For inclusion in the 7th Ed. of "Understanding Earth")

During my undergraduate work at Colorado State University I devoted intense effort and commitment to a project conceived of by friend and professor, Dr. Jerry Magloughlin. Acting as the creative and technical expert, I helped develop and sell the concept of producing geology-relevant high-definition video content for inclusion in a major geology textbook release. After producing a highly stylized, richly informative demo video, we were able to secure a contract with a major publisher. Over the next year I worked to create a one-man, mobile HD video crew, filming and editing in locations across the Western US in remote areas of geological interest. In the winter of 2005-2006, I spent over a month filming in New Zealand from the land, sea and air, filming volcanos, geysers and glaciers. The experience was rewarding, and taught me a lot about technology, videography and people.

(Visit the Video Portfolio for more info)