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Greetings, my name is Ryan Stover

I have spent my life cultivating my creative talents while branching out into a wide range of disciplines, always exploring ways of using computers to enhance traditional practices whenever possible. I am compelled to achieve the highest possible levels of quality in my work, and deliver results which are perfectly suited for the intended application, exceeding all expectations in doing so.

Personal Background:

Despite being accepted to a number of respected art institutes, because of an intense personal interest in the beauty of, well... "Everything", I pursued a scientific education and received my bachelors of science in geology from Colorado State University in the spring of 2006, all the while incubating my creative skills in a myriad of creative projects I undertook independent of my studies. Because of my unique disposition as an artist trained as a scientist, my work has evolved into a unique blend of unbridled natural creativity supported by a solid framework of logic and analytical objectivity.