Thunder Dunkin’ !

The following is a paid advertisement for THUNDER DUNKERS™:

HEY YOU! Are you TIRED of the same-old BORING family restaurants? Are you TIRED of the same-old BORING food? Are you ready to EXPERIENCE the EVOLUTION of FUDGULATED DINNERTAINMENT?


THUNDER DUNKERS™ is the totally new, totally wild, totally FUN new (wild) restaurant for the whole family! At THUNDER DUNKERS™, all of our food is specially THUNDER-DUNKED™ right when you order it, then FUN-BLASTED™ with the toppin’s of your choice!

Choose from over 3 delicious meats including cow, ham, or sheep. Watch as our Master Dunkologists THUNDER DUNK™ your meat in rich, creamy fudge– right when you order it!

Select up to two toppin’s from our FUN-BLASTERS™ MENU, including hot corn, crackers, snapberries, Skittles™, or TinyPies™. The toppin’s are then loaded into a high-powered air cannon and FUN-BLASTED™ into your THUNDER-DUNKED™ meat while you watch from the safety of The THUNDER BUBBLE™.

Celebrating a birthday party, office birthday party or the birthday of a loved one’s family? Mention this ad and receive one of our delicious THUNDER-DUNKED™ birthday hams FUN-BLASTED™ with edible party hats, for a limited time only!


Located at 5211 S. Smuckley Street, 7 miles east of the Johndace Autos’ MoonSpire.


Birthday hams are available for a limited time only while supplies last. Not valid with any other offer or birthday. THUNDER DUNKERS™ does not assume responsibility for shrapnel-related FUN BLASTING™ fatalities. Cooked meat may be substituted for a nominal fee upon request. THUNDER DUNKERS™ is not affiliated with THE IMPENDING FUDGEINING™.

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