Thinayr college for the Legally Bored: ’08 Summer Sections

It is with great pride that announces the addition of new courses to its growing roster of quality educational offerings. Getting your Unofficial Pre-Honorary Mastersish Display Uniploma in Applied Conceptual Imagineering has never been easier/more legalish. Sign up now for the summer section and beat the rush. Remember, only so many “students” can fit into a self-storage unit before the owner gets all uppity…

Available courses include:
CC601: Creative Cooking 3
Instructor: Schmeegora Huntt
Cr. π
Fee: $100/15 Foodstamps

Course description:
Learn from Master Chief (fan) Schmeegora Huntt as she takes you down, down her rabbit hole of flavor! Internationally based Schmeegora is the author of such ground breaking cook-pamphlets as “Kreative Kakes” and “The goverment LIED about EGGS: WHAT THEY WONT TELL YOU AND OTHER RECIPIES!!!!!!” In this course students will study and prepare: double-corned duck links, tuna-blasted herb muffins, rice-and-eggs Jell-O™ shooters, shrimp-Salsa N’ cookie bread, and barbeque Cajun colon-spears. There will be several “field trips” to the grocery store, the dumpster behind it, and Rural Rd. 28. No VEGANS.

CS1100: Computer Aided Modeling: Doomsday Machines
Instructor: Professor Setharix Darkseed
Cr. Negotiated at final, along with other demands.

Dust off your goggles and your evil cackle, at last…it is time! Learn from work-released ex-supervillain Prof. Darkseed as he imparts years of experience holding the world’s governments in the grip of terror for the purpose of wish-fulfilling exploitative negotiations which still result in global destruction. Utilizing state of the art computer applications such as AutoDeath HaYa and Google ShakeDown, students will conceptualize, design and build machines of unspeakable destruction. Nuclear, biological and brown-note based machines are all enthusiastically encouraged, the only limit is your imagination and lack of mercy. The class final will consist of a multi-party, poker-game style standoff in which each student will rely on their machine’s ability to incite terror in aggressively negotiating their demands. The winner of the in-class stand off will have the honor of detonating their device at this fall’s homecoming football game halftime celebration to show support for our Fightin’ Idealists. GO Idealists!



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