Basic Principals of Comedic Suffix Theory

Try the following: Add the word “monster” to the end of any other word.

You will noticed that the newly amended word instantly becomes funny. To understand why, we need to be introduced to a concept known as Comedic Suffix Theory.

Comedic Suffix Theory (CST) is easy to begin working with, but is a vast subject which can take a lifetime to adequately comprehend. A sound preliminary definition of CST would be, “the principal that certain words, once amended to other words suffixaly, result in combinations whose contextual hilariousness is amplified by a knowable quantity.” Certain suffixal words have been determined to be naturally potent, in CST, these powerful suffixes are known as “Affixable Hilarity Amplifiers” (AHA’s).

Numerous AHAs have been discovered in the english language such as Monster, Lord, Bot, Honey, Insertion, Toast, -sicle, -ectomy, and squeezin’s… to name just a few. These words have natural hilarity amplification capabilities. Try them out, keeping in mind that often the resultant hilarity depends on proper consideration of the concepts produced. For example, the word “peanut,” after being collided with “Lord,” becomes “Peanut Lord,” creating the concept of a “Lord of Peanuts.” Similarly, colliding “Taco” with “insertion” produces “Taco Insertion,” leading to the natural question: into what is the taco being inserted?

Let’s take a look at the outcome of adding the above suffixes to the common words “Hobo,” “Tackle,” and “Sexy.”

Hobo Monster, Hobo Lord, Hobo-bot, Hobo Honey, Hobo-insertion, Hobo-toast, Hobosicle, Hobo-ectomy, Hobo squeezins’.

Tackle Monster, Tackle Lord, Tackle-bot, Tackle Honey, Tackle Insetion, Tackle-toast, Tacklsicle, Tackle-ectomy, Tackle Squeezins’.

Sexy Monster, Sexy Lord, Sexybot, Sexy Honey, Sexy-insertion, Sexy-toast, Sexysicle, Sexy-ectomy, Sexy Squeezins’.

The combinations are endless! Try to think of a common word, then add a suffix for amplified hilarity!


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